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Leather Sets Guarantee

Your leather piece is manufactured and guaranteed by Tiggsfurn and Alpine Pty Ltd. Our Furniture is proudly manufactured locally, and our guarantee is limited to manufacturing and material defects that appear under normal, indoor residential use.


Our frame is guaranteed for 10 years from date of purchase. The manufacture will assist with factory inspection and assessment. The frame will be re manufactured or repaired after inspection. All frames are guaranteed for factory faults.

Please note: The frame guarantee does not include water damage due to flooding or exposure to the elements.

Seat Foam

Our seat foam is guaranteed for 2 years. Our seat foam is a high density seating foam and will be replaced due to collapse or sagging. The collapsed foam will go through an inspection process at the manufacturer, Strand-foam Bulk and replaced for re— cutting and filling.



Leather is a tanned animal skin, a product that is not manufactured, but grows. Since every animal and every hide is different, it is unique in its own way. This is what gives leather its true beauty.

Leather can contain various scars. These are not ‘’production errors” but hallmarks of this natural product. Typical examples are waste stains, neck folds, graining, insect bites or damage due to barbed wire. These do not affect the quality or the practical value of the leather.

Caring For Your Leather

Caring for your leather is important, it needs to be treated on regular basis for longevity.

Corrected Grain Leather

Corrected grain leather can be wiped down regularly with a clean, dry cloth. Apply a leather conditioner regularly.

Buffed Leather

Buffed leather is not painted but batch dyed and either sanded or semi aniline produced. This leather will age during time and will stain due to the non-painted open finish.


Avoid using any cleaning products not designed for leather.

Keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight

To clean any spill, make use of lukewarm water with small amount of Dove soap diluted in the water. Wipe down area with damp cloth of mixture.

Apply a leather conditioner regularly. Conditioning the leather keeps it from drying out and developing cracks. Condition your leather furniture once every 6 to 12 months.

Please note that on Buffed Leather the conditioner will darken the leather but will return back too original colour after two weeks.

Please note that on Buffed Leather the conditioner will darken the leather but will return back too original colour after two weeks.

Please Note

Our warranties are voided by evidence of damages resulting from:• Excessive soiling, improper and unapproved cleaning methods.

Excessive soiling, improper and unapproved cleaning methods.

Fading or other damages resulting from exposure to sunlight

Damages resulting from household humidity.

Damages resulting from any liquid, cream or spray

Our product is guaranteed for 2 years against defects in the internal materials used as well as defects that arise from poor workmanship from date of purchases.

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