You have made an investment in lasting quality that will bring years of enjoyment!

Our Furniture is proudly manufactured locally. Our 2 year guarantee on our Zenandi Range is limited to manufacturing and material defects that appear under normal, indoor residential use.

Truewood Furniture will assist with in-home inspection to do needed assessment. Truewood Furniture will repair, replace or substitute your piece. This will be at the sole discretion of Truewood Furniture.

Please note that refunds are not available. Our warranties are voided by evidence of excessive water damage, improper cleaning, treatment, abuse, or abnormal use.


Unacceptable Defects that may occur (Covered under Guarantee)

From time to time there may be a situation where an unacceptable defect may occur. These defects will be covered under our guarantee and the furniture items will either be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the defect. These include:

Unacceptable Defect



Broken Components

If the furniture is used as it is intended (no dancing on the table) and any component breaks during normal use – it will be fully covered

The component or product will be replace

Our furniture is made of the highest quality of wood. Our moisture content are between 8% and 12% and checked for quality.

Wood is a living substance and swells and shrinks through the various seasons.

By following recommended care on our products it will assist minimizing the swelling, shrinking and warping.

Truewood Furniture has been producing the Zenandi Range for over 10 years and has proven Truewood Furniture’s quality and craftsmanship with thousands of customers.

Wood has a unique feature of assuming a character of its own with age.

This range is for interior use and direct sun and water will have a detrimental effect on the product.

Wood Care





A check is a hairline crack no wider than 1mm and accruing only on the surface (does not penetrate all the way through the wood)

This is part of the aging of wood. It is unavoidable over time but can be managed with the correct oiling/ maintenance regime. Sunlight and dry air are the main cause of checks

Colour and Colour Change

Colour refers to the natural colouration of the wood and its grain. Colour change is the change in colour of the wood from its original state. It includes leaching of oxides and tannins in wet conditions.

We cannot guarantee the natural colour of the wood. Colour is certain to very between planks and items. Colour change is part of the aging of the wood. Most woods will darken over time. If the wood is not oiled enough and is exposed to a lot of sun, it will get sunburned and turn a silver grey.

Wood Movement

Wood is living substance and shrinks and swells throughout the seasons. It will shrink when it dries out and swell when it gets wet.
All our furniture is designed to cope with wood movement. Following the maintenance regime will prevent this.
Minor Warping and Bending
This covers changes in the shape and dimensions of a piece of wood over time. It is caused by the grain direction and change in climatic conditions (i.e. shrinking and swelling)

Some warping can be expected over time and across seasons. But it must be within reason. Following the maintenance regime will prevent this.

Please make use of our Truewood Furniture Wax to feed your wood.

We recommend to treat your piece every 6 weeks.

The wax is designed to keep moisture out during the summer months and keep moisture in during the winter months.

Basic maintenance on your piece will ensure longevity. With age your wood piece characteristics will be enhanced.

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