The Story of Truewood Furniture

Inspired by the love for quality products and the finer things in life, Jaco Storm had a keen interest in Truewood Furniture and bought shares in 2009, at this time the entire Truewood factory was a mere 100m2 with only 11 workers. Truewood sold furniture to already well-established shops until we recognised there was a gap in the market and a huge opportunity to make our mark within the furniture industry, an executive decision was made to sell our products directly to the public. 

truewood furniture store

In 2010 Truewood Furniture started selling from expos within various shopping malls, we then opened our first shop in Kolonnade Shopping Centre. During the same year we expanded the factory and ranges, and due to the success of our first store in Kolonnade, we had to increase production and employed an additional 25 people.

By 2011 we had worked hard to ensure that the Kolonnade shop was well established and started to prepare for the opening of our second shop in 2012 in Centurion Mall.

Truewood Furniture was thriving in the industry and in 2013, we once again increased our production considerably and took a giant leap, and developed the unique system of choosing options for your furniture including a choice of colour, handles and style – thus our products could be personalized to suit our customers specific taste and preferences. We proudly employed 45+ people and we were growing by the day.

We then opened shop number 3 at the Grove Mall in 2014.  We managed to cut our “lead time” from 6 weeks to 3 weeks, so from placing an order to receiving your personalized products took only 3 weeks, which placed us ahead of our competition who were, at that time, unable to match this offering.

Shop number 4 opened in Wonderpark Shopping Centre in 2015, and once again we had to increase manufacturing space, by this stage personnel working at Truewood had increased to 60+ people.

By 2016 Truewood Furniture had become a household name and a well-known brand within the Pretoria communities. We used 2016 to establish our latest 2 shops, we created new ranges and products and also improved the quality of our products and range of stains.

In 2017, we enlarged our factory and prepared for the next few shops.

We had many highlights in 2018. The opening of our very first shop in Johannesburg, Shop number 5 opened at Mall of the South. We also opened our upholstery department, where we stitch, hem, seam all the upholstery in house for dining room chairs, headboards and the Cannes Lounge Sets.

In 2019 Truewood opened our 6th shop at East Rand Mall. Currently we are developing a new lounge range focused on comfort and to date Truewood Furniture employs 120+ people.

In 2020, our Cresta Shopping Centre shop opened in June, during lockdown, followed by our Greenstone Shopping Centre shop in 2021.

Truewood Furniture is at the forefront of luxury furniture design. We manufacture a range of high-quality real wood and genuine leather furniture. Timeless, classic, natural, craftsmanship lies at the core of our business and we pride ourselves in our attention to detail in every piece that we produce. The culture of our company and furniture is quality and respect. We offer a personal touch that will be hard to beat in today’s market. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable prices and great customer service then Truewood Furniture is your furniture store.

Truewood Furniture, Furniture to last generations.

Build your dream bedroom, the Truewood Furniture way!

It’s the one place in your home where you should spend your most peaceful hours – to catch up on reading, for relaxation and for well-deserved rest, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. But if your bedroom is more of a muddled mess, make this the year you turn your bedroom into your special retreat, where you want to spend quality time. These bedroom furniture items will make sure your bedroom is the place where dreams are mad. What is important? 

  1. A good mattress – a GREAT mattress, offering lots of support and comfort. After all, if you’re not getting enough quality sleep, you can’t appreciate a beautiful bedroom.
  2. Choose the right bed. Strong, durable, quality, real wood bed that will last a lifetime.
  3. Lovely linen - soft, comfy, crisp and clean. We absolutely adore good quality linen!
  4. A functional bedside pedestal adorned with a gorgeous lamp, a good book, and a few family picture frames.
  5. A comfy seat – somewhere to put socks and shoes on, to enjoy some reading or even catch up on a few emails!
  6. Large rug or carpet - make sure your first step of the day is soft, cushy and comforting.
  7. Kist – a great place for storing additional bedding or clothing.
  8. Dressing table – the perfect little space for you to feel gorgeous and glamorous.

Remember when it comes to furniture, quality and comfort matters the most. Furniture is not something that you would want to change every other month, purchasing furniture can be a costly exercise, so you want to choose right. 

Rather than veneers, buy furniture with real hardwood finishes, give due importance to fine craftsmanship, as it will ensure durability of your furniture and help you save unnecessary repair expenses. Check the warranty on your products.

The key is to invest your hard-earned money in classic, quality, long lasting furniture and then update your décor items, scatter cushions, duvet cover, lamps or picture frames, once or twice a year to suit the trends and your mood. 

Follow our advice and you will create a bedroom so dreamy you won’t even want to fall asleep.

Find Our Stores

Truewood Furniture is conveniently located in shopping centres in Pretoria, and in 2018 we opened our first store in Johannesburg. Find us at The Grove, Centurion Mall, Wonderpark, Kolonnade, Mall of the South, East Rand Mall, Cresta Shopping Centre and Greenstone Shopping Centre.

If you are looking for quality, timeless, classic furniture, then Truewood Furniture is the perfect furniture store for you. We have a large selection of quality wood products which you can personalise to your taste.

You can purchase any of our ranges with the peace of mind that we offer guarantees on all our products.

Truewood stores Centurion                                                                         Kolonnade

Truewood stores Mall of the South                                                             The Grove

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