Build your dream bedroom, the Truewood Furniture way!

It’s the one place in your home where you should spend your most peaceful hours – to catch up on reading, for relaxation and for well-deserved rest, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. But if your bedroom is more of a muddled mess, make this the year you turn your bedroom into your special retreat, where you want to spend quality time. These bedroom furniture items will make sure your bedroom is the place where dreams are mad. What is important? 

  1. A good mattress – a GREAT mattress, offering lots of support and comfort. After all, if you’re not getting enough quality sleep, you can’t appreciate a beautiful bedroom.
  2. Choose the right bed. Strong, durable, quality, real wood bed that will last a lifetime.
  3. Lovely linen - soft, comfy, crisp and clean. We absolutely adore good quality linen!
  4. A functional bedside pedestal adorned with a gorgeous lamp, a good book, and a few family picture frames.
  5. A comfy seat – somewhere to put socks and shoes on, to enjoy some reading or even catch up on a few emails!
  6. Large rug or carpet - make sure your first step of the day is soft, cushy and comforting.
  7. Kist – a great place for storing additional bedding or clothing.
  8. Dressing table – the perfect little space for you to feel gorgeous and glamorous.

Remember when it comes to furniture, quality and comfort matters the most. Furniture is not something that you would want to change every other month, purchasing furniture can be a costly exercise, so you want to choose right. 

Rather than veneers, buy furniture with real hardwood finishes, give due importance to fine craftsmanship, as it will ensure durability of your furniture and help you save unnecessary repair expenses. Check the warranty on your products.

The key is to invest your hard-earned money in classic, quality, long lasting furniture and then update your décor items, scatter cushions, duvet cover, lamps or picture frames, once or twice a year to suit the trends and your mood. 

Follow our advice and you will create a bedroom so dreamy you won’t even want to fall asleep.

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