Personalize your Style

Personalise your Style at Truewood Furniture

Truewood Furniture has a gorgeous range of real wood quality furniture. Truewood Furniture has unique offerings, unlike any other furniture store in South Africa. Our furniture is locally crafted in South Africa for South Africans by South Africans and personalised to your taste. Our furniture is available in a large selection of different colours, finishes, styles and handles to suit almost any style!

Leather finish

leather finish

Our couches and chairs are available in the leather finish of your choice – we have 9 leather options. Available leather colours include Buffed Whiskey, Buffed Beta Brown, Analine Pull Up Ruby, Corrected Leather Choco, Corrected Leather Black, Corrected Leather Oxblood, Corrected Leather Latte, Corrected Leather Red, Corrected Leather White.

leather finish 1

Wood Finish

wood finish

Truewood Furniture is available in 8 different shades of wood. The choice of finish is based entirely on your personal taste and preference. Our furniture is available in Dark Brown, Country, Natural, Light Dark Brown, Mahogany, Teak, Walnut and Chestnut.

wood finish 1


We offer 4 different styles; Bullnose, Boston, Zenandi and Texas.

furniture style


Truewood Furniture manufactures 4 Different furniture ranges; Serengeti, Kalahari, Zenandi and Okavango.


Lastly, at Truewood Furniture you can select your favourite choice of handles to finish off your beautiful Truewood Furniture piece. Available in 15 different options.


Learn more about our different finishes by visiting a Truewood Furniture store near you. We are waiting to assist you and to meet your individual requirements.

Create your dream home with TRUEWOOD FURNITURE. Invest in your home, invest in classic, quality, locally crafted Truewood furniture!

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